My top 10 Drupal Console commands (apart from "generate" commands)

These are my top 10 preferred Drupal Console commands in my daily use with Drupal 8:

  1. drupal cr all

    Rebuilds the chache

  2. drupal module:install -y module_name

    Download & install a given module.

  3. drupal module:uninstall -y module_name

    Disable a given module.

  4. drupal module:debug --status=disabled --type=no-core

    List disabled modules not part of the core.

  5. drupal update:execute

    Like the old & reliable drush updb.

  6. drupal config:settings:debug

    View settings.php variables.

  7. drupal site:debug

    Show all my local & remote sites.

  8. drupal database:dump --file=./my_dump.sql

    Dump the database to a file.

    drupal database:restore --file=./my_dump.sql

    Restore a dump to the database.

  9. drupal user:password:reset 1 admin_pass

    Set for uid 1 the new pass "admin_pass".

  10. drupal database:log:debug --type=PHP --reverse --limit=10

    Show last 10 PHP errors in log.

Also, there is a fantastic cheatsheet of Drupal Console here.


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