Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration in Pantheon

Comes a time in life that one has to update from Drupl 6 to Drupal 7 when your code is hosted in http://getpantheon.com
i had to do it and i'm not very pleased with support department.
i opened a ticket and all i got was a link to http://dtek.net/blog/drupal-6-to-drupal-7-via-migrate-2
so i guessed there were no "pantheonical" way to do the upgrade and grabbed a tarball from Drupal.org
Meeeek! Error! Vanilla code from Drupal.org doesn't work in Pantheon :-(
What to do now, boys?
I opened another ticket, and mainly the response was:
  • Pantheon doesn't provide support for migrations (!?)
  • If you commited vanilla code from drupal.org, do a reset (!!??)
  • enable Pantheon API which you can download from ... blah, blah .... etc
So, at this point i realized i was alone in this and Pantheon boys won't give me a hand on this ....
Fortunately, here is Uncle Leandro (me) for a


[i did it this way and it worked!]

1. clone your actual Drupal 6 and download/import the actual database

2. grab & merge in your working directory the Drupal distro from Pantheon boys at https://github.com/pantheon-systems/drops-7

3. follow the update.php method, this is: go to www.yourlocalsite.com/update.php and follow the instructions

4. when you're done and happy with the result, enable the pantheon_api module, commit your code to Pantheon & import your local database in Pantheon

5. Profit!

Is this so difficult to explain? Why the hell nobody at Pantheon told me so?

Disclaimer: i didn't write this in order to complain about Pantheon, but i would like these guys improve their business taking this writing as suggestion for the sake of all



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